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If you wish to advertise a unit for lease,
please submit the following information to ads@theuniversitycommons.com

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Maintenance Advisories

Some of the sliding glass doors at the deck or patio are installed backwards. Extra care needs to be taken to secure the doors, or they become more available to those who would enter a unit without permission. In some cases the doors can be lifted out of the frame. Owners with questions should call Community Focus of NC at 919-564-9134.

Also, there have been several leaks at University Commons due to the mixing valve on the shower becoming loose. The mixing valve is the part of the shower attached to the handle that manipulates the water flow and temperature of the shower. When the valve leaks, it most likely will not be visible to your resident. It will however cause damage to the unit(s) below. The fix is to remove the cover plate at the handle and tighten the nut on the front of the valve.

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